Vortech ProStreet Car Festival

July 27, 2015

Vortech ProStreet Car Festival

VFE Heads to Vortech Superchargers from les bidrawn on Vimeo.

VFE spends time with our boost buddies from Vortech

Saturday, July 25th Vortech Superchargers kicked off their “Pro-Street Car
Festival” and LSG Rally from Oxnard to San Luis Obispo, and
from there onward to the finish line in Orange County.
VFE has been using Vortech hardware for years and depend on
its design, innovation and the fact that it’s built right here
in the USA.

Vortech is only 4 hours from VFE so early Saturday morning we coffee’d up, gassed up and headed north to Oxnard.

Our rides would include a Porsche C4S 911/997.1 with the VF510 package
that features Vortech’s V3 Si Trim supercharger augmented with an
air/water intercooler. Squeezing some 6.5 psi from the engine
means output climbs more than 150 horsepower with an extra 100 lb/ft of twist. It’s 911 turbo performance…without the insurance premium.

The white E92 M3 has been tagged “The Beast” by the VFE crew.
Although it looks fairly tame it’s actually a low compression/high-boost
build that’s capable of 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds with 1/4-mile times in mid-to-low 12s.
Around 2800 rpm its boost rips the rear tires loose and terrifies
unschooled drivers (which makes it even more fun). It too is based on a
Vortech V3 Si Trim supercharger augmented with an air/water intercooler.

The third is BMW’s latest iteration of M car. The VFE M4 has been the
testbed for a revolution in ECU tuning and HEX TUNING engineers are days
away from announcing its completion. For now, let’s simply say it’s
producing significantly improved numbers that will leave stock cars in the dust.

Getting to Vortech meant leaving VFE at 3am. At least the cars were ready to go

This was pretty.  Ended up at Point Mugu and took a well-earned nap

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