Audi R8 V8 Supercharger (2007 - 2015)



Disclaimer: This product is not compliant with the California Air Resource Board and not for use on public roads in California. This applies to any aftermarket product that does not display a CARB EO#. Power ratings are subject to conditions and dynamometer model used. Learn more > 

Software tuning provided is designed around the stock vehicle. Any major changes in airflow components such as high flow cats or enlarged throttle body diameters may require custom tuning optimization which VF does not include or provide.

VF-Engineering, Inc is not endorsed by, has no rights to and makes no representation of any affiliation with any OEM Manufacturers including Lamborghini S.p.A and Volkswagen AG


    April 4, 2024 - We are announcing the new 3rd Generation Supercharger for the Audi R8 V8 compatible with Coupe and Spyder models, LHD/RHD, and all transmission versions. 


    Designation: Audi R8 4.2L V8 FSI 
    Standard Output:  430 HP | 317 TQ
    Power Gains:  595 HP  |  420 TQ
    Built in the USA! 


    The R8 V8 supercharger system is back by popular demand! 

    In keeping with our tradition for turn-key, direct bolt-on power upgrades, with dyno proven daily drivable performance, the latest system engineered for the 4.2L V8 utilizes the Magnuson TVS1900 and a new 7-rib drive belt system. Peak power is increased to 595 crank horsepower, exceeding the factory power output of the popular Audi R8 (Gen1) 5.2L V10, and rivaling the performance of most current supercars.  





    The Gen 3 R8 V8 Supercharger System is fully compatible with the R8 V8 Spyder.


    Audi R8 V8 Supercharger System $19,995

    Custom Painted Finish $3,000 (Matte Black default)

    Balance must be paid by Wire Transfer

    Included with the Kit:

  • TVS1900 (9.5 PSI Peak)
  • Cast Manifold with Free Floating Air/Water Heat Exchanger
  • Cast Supercharger Inlet
  • 6061 CNC Machined Idler Bracket with HD Idlers
  • Bolt-On Crank Pulley with Alternator Drive
  • In-Tank Fuel Pump Upgrade
  • Autotech Sport Tuning HPP pins
  • Front Mounted Heat Exchanger
  • Independent Water Reservoir and Pump
  • ECU Calibration
  • OBD2 Flashing Device




    The Magnuson TVS1900 is a roots style blower using Eaton’s latest generation four-lobe rotors. The supercharger is affixed to a water cooled cast manifold with additional cooling efficiency provided by its own water reservoir and auxiliary front mount heat exchanger. Boost pressures are immediate and consistent across the entire rev range, and controlled by an internal air bypass system designed to virtually eliminate parasitic loss at cruising speeds.


    Standard Finish: BLACK 

    Custom colors (as pictured) are available as a $3,000 option.



    Designed and developed in California, the fuel maps are optimized for 91/93 octane pump fuel.

    Those with access to higher unleaded octane can use it and take advantage of the improved fuel quality.



    Compatible with all 3 transmissions offered in the R8 V8 (Manual, R-Tronic, and S-Tronic).

    Standard power can be managed by a healthy stock clutch.



    Compatible with a stock exhaust.


    Pre-Installation Recommendations

    Address any existing CEL

    Perform a compression and leak down test

    Repair or replace warn sensors

    Perform a carbon cleaning

    Check Clutch Health/Life

    Not compatible with 3rd Party Air Intakes or Tuning


Direct Bolt-On

Pump Gas 91 Octane

Tuned with Factory ECU 

Routine Maintenance Schedule

Installation required


    All Wheel Drive Mustang Dyno Coming Soon



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This product is not California Emissions Compliant or CARB approved. It is therefore NOT legal for use on public roads in the State of California or other states with similar laws. It is understood that you are installing this product / having specific labor performed on a pollution controlled vehicle. The dealer/consumer is not absolved of responsibility by means of ignorance and is hereby informed. By installing this product on your vehicle you assume all responsibility and consequences.

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